HOTA (Higher Order Tracking Accuracy) is a novel metric for evaluating multi-object tracking (MOT) performance. It is designed to overcome many of the limitations of previous metrics such as MOTA, IDF1 and Track mAP.

This short blog post gives an overview of the most important aspects of HOTA in three parts:

1. How to calculate the HOTA metrics.

2. How to compare trackers with the HOTA metrics.

3. How does HOTA compare to alternative tracking metrics.

For more details on HOTA, check out the IJCV 2020 paper and the metrics code on GitHub.

Part 1: How to calculate the HOTA metrics.

HOTA can be thought of as a…

RobMOTS Challenge:

Eight different tracking and video segmentation benchmarks are teaming up to do something HUGE. A Challenge and Workshop which combine all 8 tracking benchmarks in one robust challenge!!!!

The RobMOTS Challenge is a challenge very similar to many previous tracking and video challenge. However, here trackers are evaluated robustly across 8 different datasets, including KITTI, Waymo, BDD100K, MOT Challenge, TAO, YouTube-VIS, OVIS and DAVIS.

The deadline for this is June 11. In around 4 weeks.

If you have previously submitted to any of these 8 benchmarks, we HIGHLY recommend you submit your methods to the RobMOTS challenge. …

Jonathon Luiten

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